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United Arab Emirates.


Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. Located south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai is the most populous emirate while it is the second largest geographical area after Abu Dhabi. It is one of the most modern and cosmopolitan city in the world, its population exceeds 2,100,000 inhabitants. Only 20% of the population is local while 80% come from foreign countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, a significant number of westerly citizens mainly from Anglo-Saxons countries but also a number of Russian citizens to complete this multi-ethnic capital of the world of business.

The beginning of true development takes place in Dubai since 1992 where today stands the modern city. The need to develop trade and tourism in parallel, led to the creation of unique structures, both for the architectural aspects for size. Since 2004, the local government has decided to diversify its economy by focusing on the real estate market, creating a boom capable of daring constructions ever-taller skyscrapers and luxurious and charming neighborhoods built also in the Persian Gulf. In this moment are in the process of building the International City, the Silicon City, the Sports City and Dubailand, which is expected to become the largest amusement park in the world. Other interventions estate known are: “The World”, artificial archipelago consists of three hundred islands, which when viewed from the sky or satellite, recalls the planet Earth, with its continents. It was opened on January 10, 2008 after 5 years of work. Each island is sold individually, “Palm Islands”, in 2015 will be completed three palms. The Palm Islands are peninsulas artificially created in the Persian Gulf and whose shape is reminiscent of the eponymous tree. Their names are derived from some of the most famous districts of Dubai: Deira, Jebel Ali, Jumeirah the one already completed. While the other two are under construction.

With only 5 hours of flight from Italy you can come to spend the winter in a safe place, full of opportunities and amenities, with several properties solutions available at very attractive prices. In fact, thanks to the collaboration with a local real estate company, by Ferroni Real Estate you can buy new homes and apartments ready for delivery in prestigious areas of Dubai and Dubai Marina, starting from € 3,000/sqm, partial or fully furnished, and in case of investment which with at least 5% of return net per year. We can also and if you want to take care of rental management, administrative and bureaucratic of your property on site. The process of purchase of the property and any lease are very similar to those provided in the UK and USA. The real estate market has changed and now also Dubai offers real estate solutions at affordable prices from economic values ​​much more interesting than many famous resorts around the world, but with a taxation and a return much more affordable and profitable.

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