Real Estate Ferroni


Services offered.



  • Brokerage in the sale and rental of luxury residential Real Estate units, shops and offices;
  • Lease contracts management with the Revenue Agency ( new registrations, annual renewals, resolutions, etc….;
  • Surveys and Property valuations service;
  • Market research or surveys, aimed at identifying a specific Real Estate solution or analysis of the purchase requests in the chosen area;
  • Identification and choose of the most appropriate means of promoting your property;
  • Management and enhancement of your Real Estate assets;
  • Partnership with expert technical, fiscal, legal, financial, insurance professionals to get advices and insights relevant to the Real Estate world;
  • Partnership with expert artisan companies such as electricians, thermo-technicians, plumbers, removals, construction companies even for maintenance only;
  • Investigations at the Public Offices for figure out all the formalities affecting the Properties;
  • Energy Performance Cerficates (E.P.C.) for every kind of Real Estates.