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Michele Ferroni.

The Ferroni Real Estate Agency was founded in 2006. I work with passion into the world of real estate brokerage and consulting since 1995, acting as agent with licence, mainly operating in real estate market of Verona. Since 2008, I have developed and increased my network of personal relationships established and consolidated in the previous years with private clients, institutions, national and multinational companies, therefore I decided to dedicate a part of my time to my clients with the management and optimization of their real estate assets in the Verona’s area but at the same time in relation to market demands also in the main tourist Italian locations or Italian Art cities. Since 2011, I started collaborations with international property developers in Florida USA, Dubai UAE and the United Kingdom in particular with Scotland and Edinburgh, aimed at promoting as an alternative real estate investment to the local real estate market, with profitability and appreciation of value more rewarding than even today guarantees the Italian market.

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